Parents for Safe Child Care

Board Members

Stu Jacobson

Stu Jacobson

One of the 12 founding members in 1992. Works with legislators, media and fellow advocates on emerging health and safety issues.

Brint Sagle

Brint Sagle Educator, Early Care and Education
Validator, N.A.E.Y.C.
Advisor, Field Advisor CDA
-Research Assistant, University of Maryland, Eastern Shore
-Head Start Trainer
-Past President Tacoma A.E.Y.C.

Michele Pasquale

Michele Member since 1993. Leadership role in research and organizing testimony for legislative hearings.

Janeth Melin

Janeth Esteves The consummate advocate. Member since 1995. Active in lobbying with fellow Microsoft parents for quality reform.

Michelle Hunt

Michelle Hunt "I became a childcare advocate after my baby, Jesse, was killed in a licensed home daycare facility with numerous and serious complaints. Searching for answers as to how so many violations could occur in a regulated industry, I became aware of the many deficiencies and dangers the childcare system represents. . . " Read more

Parents for Safe Child Care is a 501(c)(3) non-profit