Parents for Safe Child Care

About Us

Our Mission

Advocate to ensure the provision of safe, quality child care, while providing networking and support for parents with children in a variety of child care environments. The child is our client.

Parents for Safe Child Care was formed in 1992 to respond to the need to address the safety and health gaps that systemically plague our child care system. This grassroots organization is committed to increasing the supply of safe, affordable care in Washington State as well as nationally.

Because parents are the ultimate consumers of child care, we realized an independent grass-roots parental advocacy and resource group was needed to become involved from the on-set in private-public and governmental partnerships that serve our children.

Parents for Safe Child Care is a parent-led and parent-run non-profit committed to strengthening the capacity of parents to effectively advocate for their children. A parental advocacy group offers a perceptive on how a system works or does not work for families.

Parents for Safe Child Care offers a perspective that can guide and point to a view of gains unseen by other stakeholders.

Parents for Safe Child Care is based on a vision that establishing parental input, leadership and mutual support are essential components in strengthening families and preventing abuse and neglect We have conducted educational seminars at the local public libraries and local corporations such as Microsoft, Boeing and leading children non-profits to educate consumers and develop effective collaborative relationships. Our seminars on how to choose quality care and become our children's best advocate have enjoyed a partnership with other stakeholders such as the Department of Health, Department of Ecology, Resource and Referral, local college educators of Early Childhood Development as well as leading consultant, Tom Adler. Some of these educational presentations have been proudly co-sponsored with Microsoft.

Some parents have witnessed and been exposed to the obscene consequences of a system that can fail our children. Their voice is a constant reminder we need to do better.

In Washington State because DSHS/Department of Early Learning (DEL) administers the contracts and grants to non-profits as well as being charged with licensing oversight and enforcement, parents have more "flexibility" in what they say, and frequently have more credibility because they are consumers of child care services. While other children-friendly non-profits in this state understand "you don't bite the hand that feeds you", we accept no funding from state agencies to avoid this conflict of interest and ensure a bold uncensored voice.

So many issues affect the children in child care today. They require not only enthusiasm and commitment but a clearer understanding of our consumer/advocacy roles and the system. Parents are empowered by the knowledge of quality benchmarks, enabling them to serve as effective advocates on behalf of our children.

We offer parents an opportunity to network with other families, providers and experts to effect meaningful change.

We have created a valued, productive resource to guide consumers and policy-makers toward bringing accountability in promoting quality to the child care system.

Parents for Safe Child Care is a 501(c)(3) non-profit