Parents for Safe Child Care

Quality child care is a social justice issue in the name of our children's future.

Laws and regulations are shaped when parents, grandparents, the community raise their voice as advocates and call for action. By advocating for child-based solutions, we will lift the voice of all children who deserve the chance to succeed in school and life.

We must empower the parents to give voice to our kids who don't vote to ensure all kids receive the quality benchmarks required by the Military Child Care Program and Head Start.

If our children's future is paramount and their greatest cognitive and emotional growth occurs between birth and 5 years old we need to advocate for quality care to ensure our child care system does more than offer lofty mission statements and pilot programs but invests and lobbies as if the child is the client.

Why advocate?


We don't need more brain studies to justify or qualify investing in direct core safety and health needs, underscored with support for mental health, special need and special ed for our child care population.

Why advocate?

Because our children need us to secure their healthy, happy futures.

If we don't stand up for the State's fragile citizens, then government will continute to introduce measures specifically tailored to shield state government, most importantly the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)**, from lawsuits arising out of its own incompetence.

**Until July 2006, DSHS was responsible for child care licensing. Department of Early Learning (DEL) became responsible from July 2006 when Governor Christine Gregoire took licensing out from under the DSHS umbrella by creating DEL as a cabinet-level agency.

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