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Dear Friend,

I became a childcare advocate after my baby, Jesse, was killed in a licensed home daycare facility with numerous and serious complaints. Searching for answers as to how so many violations could occur in a regulated industry, I became aware of the many deficiencies and dangers the childcare system represents.

In the search to find an agency that would assist in addressing these issues, I was fortunate to have found Stu Jacobson and Washington Parents for Safe Daycare. The messages they relayed about the dangers in the system were parallel to the horror and grief we experienced with the loss of our baby.

The message has stayed constant and true. It has been through this organization that we have found the opportunity to address the deficiencies in the childcare system that directly contribute to abuse and death suffered in licensed care.

Washington Parents and the goals that are represented by this group are geared to address the challenges in today’s childcare system as well as improve the safety and well-being of those who rely on licensed childcare. Not only for my son, but also for the future of all our children, I am proud to serve on the board.


Michelle Hunt

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