Parents for Safe Child Care


Parents for Safe Child Care has worked tirelessly to secure safe and nurturing environments for children attending child care. Every day we face contrived delays of a fundamental promise to serve all kids with avoidance to move beyond inconsequential policy gestures.

We must challenge the status quo that narrows political conversations while excluding parents as the primary consumer on behalf of their children. We don't need more pilot programs or neurological studies to do the right thing for kids to be protected from the crap shoot of uneven quality.

What we do:

We provide education and support for parents to help them through the process of advocating for their children.

We support model child care providers and advocate on their behalf, in an effort to preserve high quality programs.

Together with professionals and elected officials we draft child care safety bills and present them for sponsorship to receive a hearing.

We attend fund-raising events in support of quality child care programs.

We travel to the state capitol in Olympia, to testify before the legislature...

...and to remind our policy-makers that the safety and well-being of our children is paramount.

In 1997, Parents for Safe Child Care was honored to nationally represent the voice of consumer-based child care non-profits at The White House Child Care Conference.

We are honored to have our work recognized. In 2010, Stu Jacobson received The Washington State Jefferson Award for humanitarian service.

With our own independent research in hand, we proactively advocate beside and on behalf of children and their parents.

And sometimes...

we just have to have a little fun in the process!

Advocacy can be demanding, but making a positive difference is unmeasurably rewarding.

Please have a look around to learn more about issues that affect our children attending child care.

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Parents for Safe Child Care is a 501(c)(3) non-profit